About Lisa Landman

Meet Lisa Landman, professional from St. Cloud

Lisa Landman is an experienced professional with a Doctorate in Psychology who is living in St. Cloud, Florida. Currently, Lisa is working as the Director of Operations for Costech Lab. Throughout her career, she has worked in a number of areas including client services, administration, teaching, and human resources. Furthermore, she has owned her own health business. Lisa’s variety of professional experiences have provided her with the tools to succeed in any work environment. Ultimately, Lisa sees herself as an entrepreneur who can meet any challenge head-on with commitment and dedication.

In 2002 Lisa Landman graduated from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her curiosity in psychology began while she was enrolled in an Intro to Psychology class directed by the current president of Yale University, Peter Salovey. Lisa made a point of going to office hours and studying as much as she could about the subject. Dr. Salovey recommended that she apply to graduate school, so Lisa Landman advanced her education at Fordham University. She received her MA in 2004, and then she received her doctorate in 2005. While achieving her doctorate, Lisa worked as a research associate and helped produce two publications. One piece is titled The Relationship Between Children’s Beliefs About the Stability of Traits, Rumination, and Negative Affect, and the other edition is titled Depressed Mood in Adolescents.

One of the best features of operating in the field of psychology is trying to understand people and their motives. Over the course of her profession, Lisa Landman has had the chance to work with people from a wide variety of environments. She especially enjoys working with adults with disabilities. In some ways, grown-ups with disabilities are a neglected population. As their parent’s age or pass away, adults with disabilities chance to get less support. Lisa is dedicated to helping this population in any way she can.